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Selection Sunday 2016: Time, date, channel, how to watch and live stream, and more

Who's going dancing?

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Every year, 68 teams get the official news that they are headed to the NCAA Tournament. The conference tournament winners can breathe easy since they know that they're already in. Others, like heavyweight Duke, know that they're in as an at-large team despite not winning their conference tournament. Still others will need to sweat it out to see if their body of work was enough to get them in, and if it's determined that it wasn't, thousands of fans will take to Twitter to berate the selection committee, their coach, and various others that were (or maybe weren't) involved in the process.

Selection Sunday is a national holiday for college hoops fans, because it's the official start of March Madness. This year will be a little different: the normal one-hour broadcast will be stretched to two hours, giving CBS an opportunity to sell more ads and make more money over the course of a two-hour broadcast and needlessly drag the process out longer than it has to be cater to the needs of college basketball fans everywhere.

This year is certainly different for South Carolina fans, because for the first time in over a decade, the Gamecocks are projected to be in the tournament. That's a far cry from when the team failed to earn a winning record during the first three seasons of Frank Martin's tenure. The team's success this year has them in line for a potential single-digit seed and a good draw in the main field as tournament play begins in earnest on March 17.

When: Sunday, March 13, 5:30-7:30pm ET

Channel: CBS

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