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SEC Tournament Gamethread: South Carolina vs Georgia Bulldogs

Its the Gamecocks of South Carolina versus the Bulldogs of Georgia. Nothing like a little rivalry game in the postseason. Come talk about it with us!

Gunnar Rathbun-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it's almost gametime! If you haven't heard, our South Carolina Gamecocks take on the Georgia Bulldogs tonight in a SEC Tournament game that likely has postseason implications for both squads. While the Bulldogs are probably playing for their NCAA Tournament lives, the Gamecocks are more than likely jockeying for seeding in the Big Dance. If you need a last minute preview of the game find it here and if you want to know what the keys to the game are find that here.

The last two years the Gamecocks have performed well in the SEC Tournament. Now that they're a top 4 seed, can they repeat those performances? Let's talk about it!