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South Carolina coach Will Muschamp previews opening of spring practice

The head coach fielded questions for about 27 minutes a day before camp opens for the team.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

There might be postseason basketball in the offing for the South Carolina Gamecocks, but spring football season is here. Will Muschamp met with the media a little under 30 minutes today to preview camp - which opens tomorrow - by breaking down some of the pre-spring starters, updating injuries, and laying out the plan for how things will go with him at the helm.

On the depth chart

One of the key pieces of news to come out of the presser is regarding WR Bryan Edwards. The early enrollee will get an early opportunity to prove himself, as he's been placed on the first string to open the spring session.

Muschamp did state that Edwards was still "a little slow" while getting back to full strength after suffering a knee injury during his senior season this past fall, but should be at full go before long.

Another freshman mentioned by Muschamp is DE Keir Thomas. Thomas will get a shot on the second team to start spring.

However, that's still in flux. Muschamp stressed that if players didn't put out full effort, their spots could be filled by other players.

On Having Competitive Fire and Work Ethic:

It's always important, especially for a team with a completely new coaching staff (save Shawn Elliott), for there to be evaluations across the board on the players on the roster.

Well, that's a good start. Let's see what else Boom had to say:

This is important. Marquavius Lewis arguably needs to be our most improved player on the defensive line next year. He has the potential to be a superstar, but can he reach it? If he's going to, it appears he's off to a good start under the new regime.

On the QB and WR positions:

It appears Muschamp doesn't adhere to the Spurrier philosophy of multiple QB's:

It seems as though Muschamp is sticking with his newfound ideology about QB play and that it's more than just handing the ball off out of the I-Formation:

Also, Bryan Edwards is apparently really talented (breaking news, I know):

It also appears Brandon McIlwain is off to a good start:

Weaknesses on defense and his expectations out of the front 7:

It appears he doesn't like the state of our secondary (surprise, surprise):

Don't know if this is good or bad (work ethic = good!) because our defense has been week the last two years, but it's a start:

GABA's Outlook on the Season:

Can we blame Sydney if we go 0-12?

The answer: Yes. Because he brought it up. (angry, side eye look towards Sydney):

But anyways, that's pretty much a wrap on Muschamp's presser. Happy spring footballing everybody!