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A conversation about FanPosts and FanShots, and how you can get involved

Let's have a little heart-to-heart (or keyboard-to-keyboard) conversation.

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Hello, friends.

So, we have a couple of features here that literally set GABA, and all other SB Nation blogs, apart from everyone else. Fansided doesn't have them, Bloguin doesn't have them, and any other blog network you can think of doesn't have them. They're called FanShots and FanPosts. They are awesome ways to get involved in the conversation and share your #HotTaeks well-crafted, well-formed opinions with the audience at large.

But what are FanShots and FanPosts, you might ask? (Especially if you're new here.) Good question! Here's a look at both, directly from our GABA User's Guide.


Simply put, FanShots are short posts, links, images or videos from around the Web.

When should I create a FanShot?

  • You see a link, tweet, image or video on the Web that you think people here at GABA will like.
  • When no real commentary/context is necessary
  • It's too short for a FanPost (less than 75 words)


FanPosts are just like the posts you see written by our GABA staff, except they're written by you, the reader! Have a strong opinion? Can't stand what the Gamecocks did on the field? Have a #hottaek you need to get off your chest? FanPosts are the way to go. From time to time, we'll choose the best FanPosts and promote it on the homepage, which means more reads, comments and exposure!

What makes a FanPost worth reading?

  • It's well-thought out and expresses a clear point. For example, saying that XYZ IS THE WORST PLAYER IN THE WORLD AND NEEDS TO BE BENCHED and providing no insight beyond that isn't well-thought out and doesn't really express a clear point. Saying that XYZ has looked poor in coverage, missed several tackles and/or whiffed on several sacks is better, because it gives more detail and expresses a clear point backed up by research.
  • It's related to the Gamecocks. We're a Gamecocks blog. This pretty much goes without saying. If you're here to simply say ROLL TIDE, #ALLIN or not have a point related to the Gamecocks, or, worse still, troll, then your FanShot might be deleted.
  • It is articulate. We're not expecting you to be Webster's Dictionary, but be sure to check things like spelling, grammar, punctuation, things like that. You can have the best point in the world, but if it's full of run-on sentences, misspellings, and poor capitalization, then it likely won't be read.

So we admit. We really haven't prioritized FanShots and FanPosts a whole lot lately, but we promise you, once you get the hang of it and get really going with them, you'll love it and wonder why you didn't use them before. (Want to learn how to create one? Click here for a guide from another site on the SBN network. BTW, the last FanPost was from me announcing our bracket challenge; the last one before that was two months ago! :()

The best way to learn how to FanShot and FanPost is to simply do it and practice it, and over time you'll become a natural. We have a wonderful staff of people who aren't afraid to share their opinion, but what makes this site special is how we value and encourage our readers to share theirs.

We'll make a deal with you. Hop in and create FanShots/FanPosts, and we'll do our best to promote the best ones any way we can. That includes placing it on the homepage in front of thousands of Gamecocks fans every day, putting it on Facebook (exposing it to an audience of 22,000+) and tweeting it to our 4,700+ followers. We'll be looking at things like recs, overall engagement, and well-crafted opinion. Who knows? One day, it may lead to a position with us.

Along with that, we need your help. What can we at GABA do to attract readers like you to writing FanShots and FanPosts? Let us know in the comments and we'll look over them - and put a few of them to practice.

(h/t to our sister site, Golden State of Mind, for the tips.)