Clemson Dabo Dollars and Complacency

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Should Clemson Tiger fans be happy for locking up Coach Dabo Swinney because of last year's season? Hmmmmm. Never mind the ACC and the easy-sneezy-breezy schedule this year (probably next couple of years too). But if you focus on his ability to nab a lot of the in-state recruits over the last few years, then there is reason for a new contract possibly.

But here is the real story.

Rumor has it that Clemson students will be charged for ticket prices. This is a first. Most students already pay a lot in tuition and attending any university athletic event SHOULD be free. But not much least not Clemson football. It's going to cost and pretty soon the prices will R I S E.

The students will have to pay.

The fans will have to pay.

They get the middle finger. Actually two middle fingers.

Here is what I am saying.

Let me be clear on this. This is MY OPINION and because it's my opinion, I truly think that this will have a huge impact on the school in the long term. Nothing is forever. Locking up a coach OR a player with a lot of money usually results in complacency on their part. What's the incentive. Where is the fear of losing your job? What kind of attitude have you seen with MLB or NFL player that gets a fat contract? Usually they start to slide. Again, my OPINION, but I think this will have a long term impact on the school, the players, the fans and the community.

Lastly, do I think Dabo deserves to get THIS new contract deal? No I don't. Clemson had two tough games last year. Notre Dame and FSU (without a QB identity) in the regular season. Same schedule in 2014 but they lost to UGA and FSU. This year it's even better despite Auburn on the schedule. PLUS, this contract rewards MORE for getting fired or simply quitting!

Do I think he deserves to get a new contract. Sure. But not at the expense of the students and the fans AND he certainly should keep his mouth shut when it comes to PAYING players. He hasn't walked in their shoes and thankfully will never have to now.

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