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Weekend Thread: #2 South Carolina Gamecocks vs #1 Florida Gators

The time has come. It's a battle of SEC heavyweights as the Gamecocks grapple with the Gators of Florida. The time is now. Let's talk.


Well, it's here. After multiple breakdowns and analysis, the time has come. We went over who has the advantage in the field and on the mound, we broke down both teams' production at the plate, and we also brought to you our general preview.

The consensus of these previews? Florida has an ever so slight edge on our Gamecocks in 2 of 3 areas. However, the Gamecocks have something that the hated Gators don't. 8,000+ rabid fans screaming in support of the Gamecocks.

We've posted our best "Beat Florida" videos on the GABACast (videos embedded below)

The stage is set. The time is now. Let's talk about it as we beat the damn Gators.


Unfortunately, the Gamecocks collapsed late and gave away a game in which they led the entire time. Braden Webb will take the mound today as first pitch is at 7 PM and can be found on SECNetwork+.


And just like that, the series is tied at 1 game a piece. The Gamecocks pulled off a huge victory to force a rubber match Sunday behind the arms of Braden Webb and Tyler Johnson and the behind the bat of Gene Cone. First pitch Sunday is at 1:30 and can be found on SEC Network+ as Adam Hill will be taking the mound for the Gamecocks.