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GABACast Episode 26: Cheaper than Comcast

The GABACast is back as the intrepid warriors DC and Sam break down everything Gamecock baseball and football. Also Deke Adams is not a good football coach.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

In Episode 26 DC3 and Sam are back at it as they discuss all things South Carolina Gamecock sports. From baseball and the freshman phenom that is Braden Webb, to football and what to expect in the upcoming Spring Game on April 9th. Can Brandon McIlwain continue his push towards the QB1 spot? Will Connor Mitch show anything to give us hope for his potential? All of this is discussed here.

Also DC3 and Sam get off on a rant about why we sucked the last two seasons and it is literally all Deke Adams fault that our defensive line has been subpar (#HOTTAEKALERT).

Other than that, we also answer your social media questions, explain why you should listen to us because we're cheaper than Comcast, and preview the upcoming week in Gamecock baseball.

Thanks for listening and #SpursUp!