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GABACast Episode 30: Feeling Super, Previewing the South Carolina Gamecocks vs Oklahoma State Cowboys Super Regional

DC3 is out sick. But Rantin Rhonda and Sam McDowell, joined again by Kevin McCrarey from SportsTalkSC, are here to preview the South Carolina vs Oklahoma State Super Regional.

The Big Spur

The GABACast is back! In this week's episode, SMcDowell93 and Rantin Rhonda welcome back Kevin McCrarey from SportsTalkSC to help review what happened last weekend and also break down this weekend's Super Regional

In this week's episode we discuss:

  • What exactly happened this past weekend?
  • The #FireHolbrook crowd is awfully quiet right now.
  • Wait...we're hosting a Super Regional because Clemson lost? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • How good is Oklahoma State? Can the Gamecocks get past the Cowboys at home?
  • Does Clarke Schmidt start Saturday night? Or do we go another direction?
  • We also answer your Twitter questions. Including, what exactly is #goodjuju?