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The GABA Cast, Episode 31: Summertime

where we bid adieu to baseball, and longingly look ahead to football and fall.

The South Carolina Gamecocks baseball season has, unfortunately, come to a close after a Super Regional loss to the Oklahoma State Cowboys, and with the end of baseball season we have reached that funny little period where literally nothing important happens between now and Football season.

Fear not! Your favorite Gamecock podcast trio is here to help us squeeze the last little bit of juice out of what was arguably a very successful season, and we provide a little glimpse of how we're gonna help y'all get through the nuclear heat and oppressive boredom of the summer lull.

It's a short show (you're welcome), but we cover quite a few topics:

  • Is Gamecock baseball back?
  • Fire Holbrook or nah?
  • Should we be happy about the season?
  • Why recruiting nothing but 3-stars is kinda frustrating, but it's okay.
  • Way too early football season predictions.
  • What would your walkout music be?
  • We've got a Gamecock in the US Open!

Click above to play the episode, click here to find us on iTunes, or click here to go directly to the episode page on BlogTalkRadio.

Thanks for listening! See you next week, where we're gonna start our WAY too early season previews and reminisce a little about our favorite games from seasons gone by.