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GABACast: South Carolina Gamecock Baseball, Football and Basketball!

Rantin Rhonda is back! And Kevin McCrarey from SportsTalkSC joins us to talk about the Gamecocks!

The Big Spur

Y'all, we're now only two days away from postseason baseball in Columbia, SC! In Episode 29 of the GABACast DC3 and Sam welcome Rantin Rhonda back (it's about time) and Kevin McCrarey, from SportsTalkSC to the show to breakdown our upcoming regional. In this episode we discuss:

  • Marcus Stroman isn't returning to the South Carolina Gamecock basketball team. How does that effect the team going forward?
  • Skai Moore is out for the 2016 football season. Is this the biggest loss the South Carolina Gamecocks could have suffered? Or can that hole be filled?
  • Rhode Island's Friday night ace is REALLY good, y'all.
  • UNC-Wilmington's team can really hit.
  • It is also important to never call them UNC-Wilmington.
  • Duke is making their first NCAA baseball tournament appearance since 1961. Which is really cool.
  • What exactly is the basis behind the #FireHolbrook movement? Are they wrong? Or do they have a legitimate gripe?
  • Twitter questions including:
  • In order from most upset to least: how upset would you be if Muschamp, Holbrook, and Martin left?
  • Is there any way in hell we get Monte Lee if Coach Holbrook is (theoretically) not here next year?
  • What is the Gamecock athletics spirit animal/figure/celebrity?