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SEC Media Days - Day 1 Recap

Day 2 of SEC Media Days is upon us

NCAA Football: SEC-Media Day Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it’s going to be kind of weird not having Steve Spurrier around at SEC Media Days, but Day 1 of SEC Media Days left us with plenty of nuggets to talk about. Let’s take a quick look at the highlights, team by team.

Auburn Tigers: While Gus Malzahn isn’t exactly the most exciting interviewee, there were some things of interest to talk about. It looks like the four Auburn players arrested for drug possession won’t miss any playing time. There’s a bit of a QB battle brewing on the plains and Auburn defensive players spoke highly of former DC, and current Gamecock head coach, Will Muschamp. They also had high praise for current DC Kevin Steele, which I find humorous.

Florida Gators: The defending SEC East champs also attended SEC Media Days yesterday. There was the typical questions pertaining to how the Gators plan on defending their SEC Eastern Division title. Jim McElwain apparently exudes bashful confidence, or something. Also, there’s something in there about him not ever wearing socks, like EVER. I find that odd. Naturally, the Florida players have high expectations for this season. And David Sharpe can’t wait for the Tennessee game this year.

Vanderbilt Commodores: I have nothing to say about the Commodores other than that I hope we beat their brains in on September 1st. Their runningback, Ralph Webb, posted some bulletin board material for the entire South Carolina Gamecocks football team. I know Vandy is supposed to be improved this year, but this is bold talk coming from a guy that lost to the worst South Carolina team in 15 years last season. It takes a lot for Vanderbilt to irritate me, but I think this just might have done it.

Day 2 Schedule:

The day will open up around 9:30 with SEC Coordinator of Officiating Steve Shaw. Mr. Shaw will be followed the Georgia Bulldogs at 10:05-1:25 and then the Tennessee Volunteers and Texas A&M Aggies from 2:00-5:00.