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The media is making their SEC picks today, which are usually dead wrong

A tradition unlike any other.

"Guys, let's just pick Alabama to win it all and guess at everyone else."
"Guys, let's just pick Alabama to win it all and guess at everyone else."
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Every year at SEC Media Days, the writers, TV personalities, etc. make their predictions about how the order of finish will shake out. Every year, we look back and point out how laughably wrong they were. So, let's take a look back at the past few years to see how the media has picked the SEC's division and conference champions, along with their actual finish.

2015: Alabama (West), Georgia (East); Auburn - SEC Champion

Actually: Well, Alabama did win the SEC West and the conference championship. As for Auburn and Georgia? HAHAHAHAHAHA (Auburn actually finished last in the West and Georgia was actually closer - finishing 3rd in the East)

2014: Alabama (West), South Carolina (East); Alabama - SEC Champion

Actually: Alabama ended up winning the West and the conference championship this year as well. As for the Gamecocks...well...they did not win the East in 2014, as any South Carolina fan will tell you, but finished tied for 4th. (Mizzou won the East, after they, ironically, were picked 4th in the preseason!)

2013: Alabama (West), Georgia (East); Alabama - SEC Champion (do these come pre-filled with Alabama at #1?)

Actually (***TRIGGER WARNING FOR ALABAMA FANS***): Technically, Alabama won the West since they finished tied with Auburn in the standings, but the Tigers (picked 5th!) won on a head-to-head tiebreak thanks to Chris Davis, then went on to beat Mizzou (picked to finish 6th in the East) in Atlanta. Georgia finished 3rd in the East.

2012: LSU (West), Georgia (East); LSU - SEC Champion

Actually: This one wasn't too far off, but was still wrong in predicting the champ. LSU finished a game back of Bama for the West crown, while Georgia did indeed win the East as predicted. Alabama (picked second) ended up winning the SEC Championship.

2011: Alabama (West), South Carolina (East); Alabama - SEC Champion

Actually: Like they would end up doing in 2012, the media flip-flopped the West order of finish as it was actually LSU (picked 2nd) that took the division. It happened in the East as well as Georgia finished a game up on the Gamecocks. LSU, who actually garnered 29 points for second in the media poll behind Alabama's 98, took the title in a laugher over the Dawgs.

2010: Alabama (West), Florida (East); Alabama - SEC Champion

Actually: This one ended up pretty off base when it came to the West. Auburn, led by Cam Newton, finished 14-0 en route to an SEC and BCS title - after they were picked 3rd. The Gators ended up finishing behind...the Gamecocks, also picked 3rd in their division. Of course, the Gamecocks were absolutely curb-stomped by Cam and company in the SECCG.