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The GABA Cast, Episode 35: Kentucky Retrospective.

Former offensive lineman Kyle Nunn stops by the podcast to relive a few games we played against Kentucky, and relive a few good stories from his time at Carolina.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

What better way to pass the time during the doldrums of summertime than to listen to your favorite Gamecock podcast sponsored by an SB Nation site?

Okay, maybe you shouldn't answer that honestly.

This week's GABA Cast continues with our next installment in the 2016 season preview retrospective, in which we attempt to preview this season's games by talking about specific games from past seasons. All three members of the band are back together, and we've also got a great guest host in Kyle Nunn, former Offensive Tackle for the Gamecocks and all-around good dude. We go into the weeds a little, but, y'all don't listen to us for professional production quality or deep insight anyways.

Among other topics, we cover the 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007 Kentucky games (which was a little more stressful than we had anticipated), why the starting quarterback conversation might not be such a huge deal, Kyle's favorite game during his time on the field for the South Carolina Gamecocks, why you shouldn't get into a wrestling match with Brian Maddox, and the Party Bus scene in Birmingham. We also answer your Twitter questions (MEDIA HATIN' Y'ALL) and much, much more.

Click below to listen, click here to find us on iTunes, or click here to mosey on over to the podcast's page at BlogTalk Radio.

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