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Real Tweets From Real Gamecocks: South Carolina players respond to being picked last in SEC East

Occasionally during the offseason (and beyond), we’ll hop on Twitter to see what the South Carolina community is talking about. We (obviously) won’t get them all, so tag us on Twitter at #RealTweetsFromRealGamecocks for nominees for next week!

As part of SEC Media Days this past week, the media made their predictions on 2016’s finishing order. The Gamecocks didn’t receive any love - they were picked to finish dead last in the SEC East division.

Of course, the players are using that fact as a little bit of added motivation going into the season. Tight end KC Crosby appears to be one of the players leading the way in that department. Here’s a sample:

Good to see the guys using it as motivation to get it done on the football field. Will it translate to wins? Time will tell.