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The Feed Pail - July 20th, 2016: South Carolina Gamecocks football and baseball

The Feed Pail marches on. Is it gameday yet?

Missouri v South Carolina Photo by Todd Bennett/GettyImages

The State: It seems that, despite UNC trying to block him from transferring here, former UNC tailback Ty’Son Williams has been admitted to USC as a transfer student. He will sit out and redshirt during the 2016 season and will pay for his first year of school at South Carolina through the G.I. Bill as his mother is in the military.

ESPN: Will Muschamp has an open mind about letting Jake Bentley compete for the starting QB job. It seems more and more that Coach Muschamp has learned his lesson from his days at Florida. While I would still expect Perry Orth or Brandon McIlwain to win the QB1 spot, don’t be surprised if Jake gets significant snaps this season.

247Sports: Speaking of Coach Boom, he attended the grand opening of Jadeveon Clowney’s vape shop here in Columbia. It seems, after two years in the program, that Gamecock outfielder Clark Scolamiero will be transferring to North Greenvile to play for former Gamecock Landon Powell.

GamecockCentral: Coach Muschamp will be leaning on an excellent coaching staff this year, which is full of head coaching experience ($$$). Scott Davis is here to tell us that pretty much nobody outside of the coaching staff really knows anything at this point in the year. While I tend to agree, I still find it fun to speculate. Also from GamecockCentral, Coach Muschamp is sending a positive message (audio).

GABA: GABACast’s very own Rantin’ Rhonda finally wrote an article. In part 1 of her "Femme Football Series," she breaks down the offensive line and what goes into making the power play successful. The GABACast also sat down with Devonte Holloman to discuss the 2012 UGA game. And the Final Cockdown marches onward. (Did you know that the GABACast has an Instagram account now?)

Go watch this very fun play in Gamecock history.