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So what exactly are South Carolina's odds to win the SEC East?

Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

In some news that should be a surprise to, quite frankly, no one, the South Carolina Gamecocks football team is projected as one of the last teams to win the SEC East, much less the SEC.

The Gamecocks find themselves tied for the worst odds in the East with the Kentucky Wildcats and Vanderbilt Commodores at 25/1 odds to win the SEC East. The Gamecocks also have 66/1 odds to win the entire SEC, ahead of only Vanderbilt.

With 25/1 odds to win the East and 66/1 odds to win the conference, do you think Carolina is underrated? Maybe even, in Muschamp's first season, overrated? Or do these odds sound about right? Tell us in the comments!