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The South Carolina Gamecocks NCAA Football 2016 Roster Ratings

We take a look at the recent roster updates on NCAA Football 14 because we have nothing better to do.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Since it’s the offseason, I figured this would be a fun read and (perhaps) give us some insight in to what skill level on the South Carolina roster might look like this season. As we all know, the EA Sports NCAA Football franchise is currently in video game purgatory. The latest official rosters on this game and its algorithms were scary accurate at times. However, the game has been largely left in the hands of those that use their free time to update the rosters yearly. It is because of these blessed few, that we can continue to enjoy NCAA Football 14 with updated rosters from season to season.

I recently downloaded the 2016-2017 rosters for all of the teams on this game and, along with it, updated coaching staffs for each Division 1 squad. The South Carolina Gamecocks, while it’s not a shocker, have a fairly mediocre rating considering they are in the SEC. BUT! This roster does include a relatively highly rated Brandon McIlwain and Bryan Edwards, and also includes JUCO transfer JaMarcus King.

This article will be broken down into three parts. Part 1 will be a general overview of the South Carolina depth chart by position. Part 2 will take a look at the coaching staff (consists of the HC, OC, and DC). Finally, part 3 will be my take or "analysis" of the roster. If you want to call it that. Ready? Let’s dive into some rosters. (Note: Some players may be left off the depth chart if they are not on the updated roster file)

Part 1 - Depth Chart

Note: Overall ratings will be shown in the tables below. Players are rated on a 1-99 scale and are determined by an algorithm that takes into account skill ratings. For example, a halfback with 99 speed is more likely to be rated highly, while strength and awareness may have more weight in determining the rating of a center or guard.


Name and Year Position Rating
Perry Orth (RS Sr.) QB 78
Brandon McIlwain (Fr.) QB 78
Jake Bentley (Fr.) QB 77
Lorenzo Nunez (So.) QB 76

David Williams (RS Jr.) RB 83 overall
A.J. Turner (RS Fr.) RB 75 overall
Mon Denson (RS Fr.) RB 73 overall
Rico Dowdle (Fr.) RB 73 overall
CJ Freeman (Fr.) RB 71 overall

Rivers Bedenbaugh FB 75 overall

Deebo Samuel (RS So.) WR 81 overall
Jamari Smith (RS Jr.) WR 79 overall
Terry Googer (RS So.) WR 77 overall
Bryan Edwards (Fr.) WR 77 overall

Hayden Hurst (RS So.) TE 76 overall
Kevin Crosby (RS So.) TE 74 overall
Kyle Markway (So.) TE 73 overall
Evan Hinson (Fr.) TE 71 overall

Mason Zandi (RS Sr.) LT 79 overall
Malik Young (RS So.) LT 77 overall
Akeem Copperwood (Jr.) LT 75 overall
Zack Bailey (So.) LG 83 overall
Christian Pellage (So.) LG 77 overall
Trey Derouen (RS Fr.) LG 72 overall
Alan Knott (RS Jr.) C 83 overall
Pete Leota (Fr.) C 67 overall
Cory Helms (RS Jr.) RG 82 overall
Donell Stanley (RS So.) RG 78 overall
Blake Camper (So.) RT 77 overall
D.J. Park (RS Jr.) RT 77 overall


Darius English (RS Jr.) LE 78 overall
Daniel Fennell (RS Fr.) LE 78 overall
Boosie Whitlow (So.) LE 77 overall
Marquavius Lewis (RS Sr.) RE 83 overall
Keir Thomas (Fr.) RE 75 overall
Darius Whitfield (Fr.) RE 72 overall
Aaron Thompson (Fr.) RE 71 overall
Taylor Stallworth (Jr.) DT 79 overall
Kelsey Griffin (Sr.) DT 78 overall
Ulric Jones (Sr.) DT 77 overall
Abu Lamin (RS Sr.) DT 77 overall
Dante Sawyer (Jr.) DT 77 overall
Stephon Taylor (Fr.) DT 75 overall
Kobe Smith (Fr.) DT 70 overall

T.J. Holloman (RS Sr.) LOLB 82 overall
Larenz Bryant (Sr.) LOLB 82 overall
Skai Moore (Sr.)* MLB 90 overall
Jonathan Walton (Sr.) MLB 82 overall
TJ Brunson (Fr.) MLB 69 overall
Robert Tucker (Fr.) MLB 68 overall
Bryson Allen-Williams (Jr.) ROLB 81 overall
Sherrod Pittman (RS Fr.) ROLB 77 overall

*Skai Moore omitted from in-game depth chart due to injury

JaMarcus King (Jr.) CB 83 overall
Rashad Fenton (So.) CB 81 overall
Rico McWilliams (RS Sr.) CB 80 overall
Chris Lammons (Jr.) CB 79 overall
Chris Smith (Fr.) CB 69 overall
Chaz Elder (RS Sr.) FS 80 overall
Chris Moody (RS Sr.) FS 79 overall
Toure Boyd (RS Jr.) FS 75 overall
Jordan Diggs (RS Sr.) SS 82 overall
D.J. Smith (Jr.) SS 79 overall
Antoine Wilder (RS Fr.) SS 75 overall

Special Teams (only kicker and punter)

Elliott Fry (Sr.) K 84 overall
Sean Kelly (RS Sr.) P 83 overall

Part 2 - Coaching Staff

The coaches are also implemented in the game and are likewise rated. Head coaches get rated based on their recruiting and in-game management skills while coordinators are rated based on in-game management only. Head coaches can max out at a skill level of 54, with each side maxing out at 27, while the coordinators can only top out at 27. The difference? Coordinators do not factor in to recruiting in the Dynasty mode.

Name Staff Position Recruiting Rating In-Game Management
Will Muschamp Head Coach 27 (maxed out) 13
Kurt Roper Offensive Coordinator N/A 14
Travaris Robinson Defensive Coordinator N/A 1 (yikes)

Part 3 - So, is it accurate?

Let's go back to the depth charts. I think, overall, the rosters are pretty much spot on. South Carolina is one of the weaker teams in the SEC with the new update mainly due to the lack of good skill players. Sound like a familiar narrative? I do think there are certain players that are slightly underrated. One of them being Dante Sawyer. Why is he 5th on the DT depth chart when he started pretty much every game last season as a freshman? Not only did Dante start, he was one of our better players on the defensive line. Chris Lammons is also underrated in my book. He was largely regarded as our best cover corner last season and he, like Dante, is buried on this digi-depth chart. I do think they nailed the rest of the roster, though. Perry Orth sitting at 78, tied with McIlwain, as a senior seems about right. They also have JaMarcus King instantly being our best corner on the depth chart straight out of JUCO. With everything we've heard about his raw physical ability, I certainly think this is feasible.

So what about the coaching staff? Coach Muschamp is maxed out on his recruiting skill level, while his in-game management leaves a bit to be desired. Kurt Roper is right in the middle of the road for a coordinator at a 14/27 rating. And then T-Rob sits at a lowly 1/27. This is my main beef with all of the ratings. I know Coach Robinson hasn't been a defensive coordinator before. But he is widely regarded as a bright, young football mind and is an up and comer in the business. Of course, these are all minor quibbles. Since it's a video game you can always go and edit whoever you want.

So what do you think? Did they get it right? Wrong? Somewhere in-between? Tell us what you think in the comments!