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Who will be Andy Demetra’s replacement at South Carolina? We have some names

Let’s #speculate on who the next #SCVoice will be.


So the news that Andy Demetra is leaving South Carolina for Georgia Tech came as a surprise to Gamecocks fans everywhere. Regardless of where you stand on Demetra, you have to at least give him some credit as the man who called back-to-back College World Series titles for Carolina. But with him gone, the work begins to replace his seat at the men’s basketball and baseball play-by-play microphones. Allow us to pass along a few suggestions.

Cocky - Cocky’s been around the block a few times; he’s present at every men’s basketball and baseball game, is loved by everyone (especially kids) and is a true Gamecock in literally every sense of the word. The only drawback is that a) he doesn’t have the experience and b) he doesn’t talk, which, well, in radio you kind of have to do.

Harry Doyle - The legendary, and half drunk, play by play man for the Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn led Cleveland Indians would be the perfect fit in Columbia. One, he has experience calling baseball games. So he would bring a level of expertise to South Carolina baseball games in the spring not seen in a while. Also, he’s kind of a drunk, so he’d fit right in if the basketball team goes back down the drain any time soon.

Chris Berman - Berman is part of the recent defections at ESPN as his contract will not be renewed by the network. I mean, he has experience in calling baseball, but some find his “BACK-BACK-BACK-BACK-BACK” home run call a little grating. He is good at giving out nicknames (Danny Blair Witch Project? Jonah “Here Comes The” Bride? Clarke “Kent” Schmidt? OK, we’ll stop)

MLB: All Star Game-Workout Day
This guy probably isn’t replacing Andy Demetra
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Sir Big Spur - As the real life brethren to Cocky, he is a chicken of few words. In fact, he is a chicken of one word, as he can pretty much only crow and do nothing else. So, you must be thinking, why in the world would we want a chicken as our play by play man? Well, there are several reasons why. He has national TV experience. He also has a significant social media presence. And remember that time he scared the hell out of Kirk Herbstreit? That was funny. And it was on national media. Seems to me that Sir Big Spur is a natural.

Whoever the athletic department and IMG selects, we wish them the best in their new venture. Meanwhile, do you have any predictions of your own or simply hate ours? Let us know (or shame us) in the comment section!