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Practice Recap: Brandon McIlwain, AJ Turner, and Javon Charleston First Team Reps

Gamecocks had practice Thursday and it was QB Brandon McIlwain who took first team snaps. Also, is Deebo Samuel back? He was at practice. Which is good.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

David Williams, the highly touted running back, has slipped to the 2nd team and AJ Turner is taking the first team snaps now. Not surprising to most Gamecock fans as coach Muschamp has indicated that Turner is the main tailback moving forward.

Freshman Brandon McIlwain took first team snaps with Perry Orth taking the 2nd team snaps.

Somewhat good news is WR Deebo Samuel was back at practice, however, he did not participate in wide receiver drills, but did see time in kick return.

Other wide receivers getting first team reps were Javon Charleston, Chavis Dawkins and Jamari Smith.

On the defensive line, Ulric Jones, Taylor Stallworth, and Daniel Fennell got some 2nd team reps. Keep an eye on Keir Thomas, a freshmen defensive lineman, as he continues to get more time on the practice field.

First team OL was Mason Zandi, Zack Bailey, Cory Helms and D.J. Park.

The South Carolina Gamecocks will have their first fall non-practice day (a walk through) today.

As far as injuries go, there were more than a few. One of those was freshman RB Rico Dowdle. He will be out a few weeks with a groin injury.

The big takeaway is that Coach Muschamp continues to prepare Brandon McIlwain with first team reps which is sign that he may be starting this season at some point.