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Real Tweets From Real Gamecocks: The “best of Gamecock Twitter” from the week that was.

Every Friday during the off-season (and beyond), we hop on Twitter to see what the South Carolina community is talking about. We (obviously) won’t get them all, so tag us on Twitter at #RealTweetsFromRealGamecocks for nominees for next week!

Twitter is a weird place sometimes, we are here to help:

Plans and renderings for the new Gamecock Football Operations complex were released yesterday:

The new field is also finished.

There have also been some more questionable upgrades to the USC facilities...

Twitter can be a depressing place sometimes, Sydney Rice is here to help:

The Olympics are a thing:

We have Gamecocks in Rio!

And another Gamecock on the PGA TOUR!

Well, this is certainly a thing from Sindarius Thornwell:

In case you’ve forgotten, the University of South Carolina sits inside of a Bermuda Triangle of train tracks:

You aren’t following The Gamecock Specialists? you probably don’t have Twitter:

Also, if you haven’t seen this video of Shi Smith escaping approximately 37 tackles you should watch now:

Because, at the end of the day, we all just want football season to start:

Yep, I’m ready for football season:

Aw, what the heck...



Thanks for stopping by. See ya next week!

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