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South Carolina Gamecocks Open Practice Recap

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Auburn Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

The South Carolina Gamecocks practiced today! In front of people! Let’s take a look at what they did!

Like most teams, our offensive line is rather large

The runningbacks did some drills!

The defense worked on some odd-front stuff:

It appears Deebo Samuel is fully healthy:

Brandon McIlwain and Perry Orth continue to split snaps:

Looks like the new coaching staff is preparing their team to play in loud environments:

Tempo, tempo, tempo:

Sean Kelly isn’t practicing, but Joseph Charlton can sure boom it:

And finally, some sights and sounds:

Be sure to look out for a Facebook Live video tomorrow from our GABA Facebook page! Rantin’ Rhonda and I will be there, at open practice, and will be streaming during and after practice!