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South Carolina practice recap: Gamecocks hit field for second day of open practice

A look at some of the key moments of the second of three practices that will be open to the public.

NCAA Football: Clemson at South Carolina Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

—First QB out: Brandon McIlwain. The staff will continue to work them equally, as Muschamp has said in the past. Hopefully we won’t see too many of these during the season.

Might we see a little different role for Perry Orth this season as Kurt Roper puts together some offensive packages?

Good and bad Jake Bentley moments tonight.

Chandler Farrell continues to see some time in camp as he worked with the twos along with Orth’s group. Muschamp had some very good things to say about the freshman walk-on, who will see some time in the rotation throughout the season.

Bryan Edwards is going to be pretty good this season.

More proof (from yesterday).

Deebo Samuel seems healthy.

—One of the big stories of camp was Javon Charleston moving from WR to DL. It’s a big move for him, and he talked about it with the gathered media after practice.

Watching Charleston’s development at defensive back (having switched from WR) will be something worth keeping an eye on. Even though it’s been several years since he’s played there, the staff obviously saw something that would indicate that he is capable of taking the challenge head on.

—Indoor practice facility is continuing to come along very well.

Tomorrow is the last open session of camp and is set for the same time. The week wraps with a 9 a.m. Friday practice and a scrimmage on Saturday at 8 p.m.