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What We Learned from the first Preseason Practice of the Will Muschamp Era.

We weren't there (because nobody would let us go) but that's not stopping us from revealing some pretty neat things about the first day of fall practices.

Enjoy your Google StreetView of the practice fields.
Enjoy your Google StreetView of the practice fields.

The only thing 'fall' about the Gamecocks' first fall practice is some people probably fell to the ground. Probably.

On a muggy Columbia morning, the team took to the practice fields in practice uniforms and practiced some stuff. Some things happened, some things didn't. We're not totally sure about any of it but, goshdarnit, we're prepared to bring you the kind of hard-hitting and insightful assumptions blind guesses analysis that you've come to expect from the Garnet and Black Attack staff.

Here are some of the things we've learned from the first official day of the preseason:

Ball Plays Were Run

From what we hear, the team split into two squads: veterans and rookies, and took turns doing what could be best described as 'running some ball plays'. Those ball plays probably consisted of some runs, some passes, maybe even some punts or kickoff returns. Hopefully they tried this play a couple of times, just to mess with everyone. It's our understanding that more ball plays, and maybe even different ones, will be called throughout these practices.

Do The Players Even Lift, Bro?

Apparently, our new Strength & Conditioning program is working, because these boys are getting more swole than Violet Beauregarde. While we aren't entirely sure what this means for the upcoming football season, we can report that everyone on the GABA Staff is not this fit so that has to account for something.

We Have Several Quarterbacks, and, Some Of Them Are Good

Lots of time has been spent over the past few months debating the merits and shortcomings of Brandon McIlwain, Lorenzo Nunez, Connor Mitch, Michael Scarnecchia, Perry Orth, Jake Bentley, Danny Gordon, and probably a bunch of other people we aren't allowed to know about. All of this hemming and hawing over the quarterback conversation was put to rest today as the quarterbacks actually got to prove their worth on the field in shorts and yellow jerseys. Somebody proved to be a clear leader amongst the rest and this issue is probably already a non-sequitur at this point. Word is that someone had to buy lunch, so we feel like the clear starter has been established.

People Formulated Some REALLY Specific Opinions

It's official: Football Season is here! WE FINALLY GET ANSWERS TO ALL OF OUR QUESTIONS!!!

Seriously, the players took to the field and showed their stuff; everything that we've been wondering throughout the offseason has been clarified. We are either good, or bad, or probably somewhere in between. All doubt has been removed:

Our Social Media Program is Still Kinda 'Meh'

No seriously.

This one we're kinda sure about.

Stay tuned throughout the Fall Practice Season as we will be here bringing you all the news, scoops, and insight that nobody else can!

Forever To Thee