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Updates and questions on South Carolina's defense - like what happened to Boosie Whitlow

Man, we are getting down to the wire and we have more questions about South Carolina Gamecock football than the nation does on our presidential candidates, like where the hell is Boosie Whitlow????

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

At this point, you probably have a lot of questions about the Gamecocks' defense and more than you did before spring practice. The Vandy game is so close, you can almost smell the bourbon and Coke at the tailgate. The latest news coming from Mike Peterson, a defensive coach, is promising for players like Bryson Allen-Williams and Darius English. The coaches say that Allen-Williams is poised for a breakout year. Not surprising to most fans, as we knew that he was underutilized by the previous defensive coaching staff. He will play the SAM linebacker position and has also emerged as the team leader. He was a monster during last year's Vanderbilt game. Watch his interception from last year.

Darius English is a senior who could be used in the BUCK or outside linebacker position and has been talked about a lot during fall practice. Last year, he was a reserve defensive end still led the team in sacks. And if you remember last year, English had a career high with six stops, a nine-yard sack, and a forced fumble against Vanderbilt. Word is that this veteran speedster is in shape and ready to play. Check our Darius English from last year's Vandy game.

And, then there is was Boosie Whitlow. He had his first start against Vanderbilt last year and was a beast in a few games. Everyone was wondering why he didn't see more action last year. Not many updates on Whitlow this year has been a huge concern. So, what happened to Boosie? Was he captured by a faceless monster and dragged into an alternate dimension called the Upside Down and eventually rescued by Winona Ryder but is now struggling with traumatic flashbacks?

The truth is out there. Where is Boosie Whitlow?