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South Carolina Gamecocks continue preparation for opener versus Vanderbilt Commodores

Rhonda fills us in on practice number 3

Effort. Toughness. Discipline.
Rantin’ Rhonda

WE ARE 28 DAYS AWAY FROM FOOTBALL SEASON!!!! In preparation, the Gamecocks were hard at work again this morning at the new South Carolina proving grounds. Today was the first day the players could wear pads, and they were able to practice at “thump and thud” tempo. Exciting stuff!

There are still many unanswered questions as we draw closer to the season opener at Vanderbilt including:

  • Who is our quarterback?
  • Who is our go-to running back?
  • Will Nuñez make the difference for our Wide Receiver corps?
  • Will Coach Muschamp wear a black, white, or garnet polo on the sideline?

Unfortunately, these questions can’t be answered from a closed practice on the fourth day of fall camp. However, @smcdowell12 and I greatly encourage you to wildly speculate and share your thoughts with us!

In fact, if you’re hungry for some relatively educated guesses at the answers to those questions feel free to watch the Facebook Chat Sam and I recorded this morning at Williams Brice Stadium!

Sam McDowell and Rhonda are on FB live to discuss Gamecock football!

Posted by Garnet and Black Attack on Thursday, August 4, 2016

The only thing we know for sure is Muschamp and the Gamecocks are working hard to be prepared for September 1st. According to WWII hero, General George S. Patton, “success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.” I am ready to see how high this program can bounce...get here already, football season!!!!