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The South Carolina kickoff specialists lip-syncing Five For Fighting’s 100 Years may be the best thing you see all week

Maybe not Grammy worthy, but still pretty good nonetheless.

We are in the first part of August. Fall camp has begun, which means that the men on the football field are separated from the boys. Preparations are underway for the upcoming college football season, and that’s no different in Columbia, South Carolina.

If you’re the Gamecocks’ kickoff specialists, you also carve out a little time to make a music video. The lip-sync song of choice: Five For Fighting’s hit from 2004, 100 Years. Take a look:

A few things:

—What is that hat #FREISMAN is wearing?

—Ben Asbury and Joseph Charlton for the chalk toss, but on a scale of 1 to Lebron, they aren’t quite on the level of King James.

—How much can Michael Almond bench press?

—Nick McGriff’s scooter looks nice. In fact, here is a GIF of him riding it for you to watch as many times as you’d like.

—TFW you go into the bathroom only to realize when you walk out that it’s the women’s, not the men’s


In short, these guys may not get the glory that, say, the quarterback, wide receiver or running back gets, but their lip-synching and music video game is strong. Also, they’re better than you at basketball.