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South Carolina Gamecocks at Vanderbilt Commodores: Live Game Thread


Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

The first game of the season and of a new era of Gamecock football is finally here. We don't really know what will happen tonight, but there are at least a few certainties. The Gamecocks are opening with an SEC away game and it will be stressful. We will finally get to see at least one Carolina quarterback in action. And Will Muschamp will take the field as the South Carolina head coach for the first time.

You've had all offseason to read about the Gamecocks and speculate about the opener against Vandy, but if you need some last minute previews before kickoff you can find plenty, from our predictions to a Q&A with our opponents, right here.

Hang out here for the game and we'll all freak out and (hopefully) celebrate together.

Go! Fight! Win!