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Final Thoughts: South Carolina vs Mississippi State Bulldogs

The old R.E.M song, Don't go back to Rockville, is being played as Don't go back to Starkville. The same old slow starts where we have a scoreless first half is a familiar tune.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

This past Saturday was a stark reminder of the 2015 season. Remnants of the Whammy Ward defense (aka the Double Whammy) still haunt the Gamecocks. A good effort to score points in the 2nd half was a little too late. Our complaints this year are a nagging reminder what we went through last year. The piss poor tackling, a sputtering offense, turnovers and penalties, all of which returned like a bad case of diarrhea.

The bellyache...

Nick Ftizgerald, the 6 foot 5 223 pound QB, is the dude responsible for nearly half the yards for Mississippi State.

Looking for the restroom...

AJ Turner had little space to run and most of the successful runs were not enough to overcome the anemic passing game in the first half.

The nausea..

The gawdawful read-option plays were too painful to watch.

The diarrhea...

Mississippi State had 485 yards total offense, and 324 yards in the first half!  This stat stinks worse than a turd covered in burnt hair.

Final thoughts...

The O-line is banged up and very thin right now. This is the 7th season for Coach Shawn Elliot and he will need to sprinkle some pixie dust over Alan Knott and those bad snaps!

The defense can be fixed. It's simple. You hit. You tackle. You wrap up. The talent is there. Guys like Bryson Allen-Williams, Jamarcus King, Jonathan Walton, T. J. Holloman and Urlic Jones will continue to get better.

The quarterback is a different situation. With our running game and O-line, we can no longer hope that Perry Orth transforms into something better.  The truth hurts.  He is a good quarterback but lacks consistency. He sits.

Brandon McIlwain didn't throw the ball away at certain times. Folks, those were bad snaps where he had to scramble for his life. But, take comfort in his ability to escape defenders and throwing touchdowns while on the run. Mississippi State had a good defense but this game could have been a lot different if BMAC started.