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Because, what’s more fun than college football? Making fun of your opponent.

Roar, or whatever.

Greetings, sprots fans!

The South Carolina Gamecocks travel to a really pretty place with weird people Lexington, Kentucky tomorrow to face off against the Kentucky Wildcats in what seems like the 32nd road game of the season. Whether you’re going to be watching from the stands in Commonwealth Stadium, or tweeting about it from under your couch enjoying it on the television, we here at GABA want to make sure that you, the fan and reader, are prepared to deal with any and all Kentucky fans appropriately. Because, win, lose, or, well...we don’t draw anymore...but anyways, win or lose, the name of the game is knowing how to talk smack to your opponent, and we’ve got you covered. Sorta. Now, while I know that most Kentucky fans go to football games just to keep dibs on their parking spaces for basketball season, and we haven’t exactly been in a position to needle anyone for the past two years, this doesn't mean that you’re supposed to forfeit your God-given right to rib your opponent, and we are here to help you give the Kentucky Chinstrap football fan in your life a little bit of the business. Thus, without further adieu, your Trash Talkin’ Points:

Well...that’s all for this week. Stay tuned as we talk smack throughout the rest of the season!