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The Feed Pail: Labor Day, 2016


Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

David Caraviello: Perry Orth to start again at quarterback for Gamecocks at Mississippi State. Some good notes at the end of the article.

Gamecock Central: Fry nears magical 300-point plateau, now 34 points shy of Mackie's mark. And here I was singing Ryan Succop's and Spencer Lanning's (aka Lanning Spencer's) praises. The great Collin Mackie was one of the fan favorites of the '80s.

The Big Spur: SEC Nation heading to Starkville.

SEC Country: Will Muschamp loves the Friday night lights. This effort is what has me stoked for the future. Spurrier barely roused himself  - though I give him props for actually driving out to Conway to hook Bryan Edwards. Also Will Muschamp expects to see a different Mississippi State team after upset loss. Even if it's textbook coach-speak, this is still 100% true.

Gene Sapakoff: What we learned about Clemson, South Carolina and the rest of college football. No friend of the program, Gene, but I think he has a point about "Kinder Boom" in this piece, which dovetails nicely with recruiting (but its still a long season with lots of opportunities to go Boom). While I agree with Gene that Vandy will likely fire Mason, I think Gus gets another year on the Plains if he goes 4-4 in league play - Aubie played a respectable game against Clemson and that is with a third new D coordinator in three years.

SporstalkSC: Kornblut has an injury report and some notes following the Sunday conference call - USC loses Stanley for over a month but others returning. Check out Coach Boom's audio at the end.  As far as Korn's notes, I think I posted elsewhere that I'd rather the recently suspended Alan Knott replace the injured Donnell Stanley at RG than pull Cory Helms off of center; I see no reason not to trot out Lorenzo Nunez at WR now - he is a play-maker; Jamari Smith needs to go back to "D".  Also - K-Mac posts the latest lines from the Wiseguys. +7!?! That hurts.

Brantley Strickland: USC-Vandy: What we learned.

The Rubber Chickens: Things I Learned Over the Weekend. OK the whole "learned" meme is getting burnt. Let's find another verb, gentlemen.

Southbound Down: South Carolina at Vandy: 3 Things Recap. Recap was last decade's 'learned'.

Saturday Down South: We should get a cut of the gate on West End Avenue -Week 1: SEC attendance figures. Next week - a truly hostile environment.  55,000+ opposing fans (not 15,000) and with cowbells.

For Whom the Cowbell Tolls: South Alabama Breakdown. Podcast.  For those of you who are really interested.

Maroon & White Nation: Has Dan Mullen & John Hevesy turned into Sly Croom & Woody McCorvey? Shouldn't that be Have?  Either way - Ouch.

John Whittle: Gamecocks take two from Tigers The USC women are tearing it up against Tiger High. More on the 2-1 soccer win and a great breakdown of the 3-1 volleyball victory.

GamecocksOnline: Men's futbol (1-2) nets the first victory of the season - Deakin and Walker Power Gamecocks to 2-1 win over UCF.