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Will Muschamp would prefer you not say that his team “flocks” to the ball

“I’ve never said ‘flocking to the ball’ in my life....don’t say that around our players.”

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Vanderbilt Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

A quick note to Gamecocks fans. If you ever meet Will Muschamp, don’t say that his team “flocks to the ball”, because he’s liable to correct you on the spot. Granted, P&C Gamecocks beat writer David Caraviello didn’t know that going in, so he’ll get a pass, but...

What does it mean to flock, anyway? Let’s ask our old friend Mr. Webster.

to gather or move in a flock

...thanks. Well, let’s take a look at what the word means as a noun:

a large number <a flock of tourists>

I’m not sure if “flock” would be a good word here. “Fly” would be a good one. As Muschamp said, “We’re Gamecocks. We fly to the ball.” What about “swarm”? Perhaps that would work better. Whenever I think of the word “flock”, I get a picture of a bunch of birds converging on an animal left for dead on the side of the highway. TMI, I know, but I’m making a point.

And he is saying flock, by the way. Just so we’re clear.

You can watch the whole 20-minute press conference in its entirety right here.