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The Feed Pail: September 7, 2016

Walkin' in Memphis?

Short Pants
Short Pants
Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports Elliot Fry is the SEC's special teams player of the week. Way to go Elliot.

Gamecocksonline: Coach Muschamp's full presser. Coach says he still has a bunch of confidence in Jamari Smith as our starting slot WR (7:25) and gives a Lorenzo Nunez update (10:00). He thought both Perry Orth and Brandon McIlwain played well at QB (12:50). The humorous bit about USC players "flocking to the ball" is at 13:00; he talks about how the staff and team spent the weekend at 18:30. Punt returner is still up for competition (19:00).

The Daily Gamecock: 2016-17 SEC men's basketball schedule released. We lead off on the road with UGA and we had better give them some payback (yeah, Frank, I'm talking to you).  We only have home-and-homes with UF, UT, UGA and the two Magnolia State schools; everyone else is a one-off, including Vandy and UK. Things have really changed in terms of the schedule, and not necessarily for the better, since the days we played home-and-homes with our division-mates each season - though playing the Wildcats just once this year might be just what the doctor ordered.

SEC Country: Two interesting USC pieces - 5 key things for South Carolina: Put the foot on the gas early and South Carolina’s Perry Orth leaning on family to help prepare for Mississippi State, both by Mike Wilson.

David Caraviello: For Gamecocks, season-opening victory another step toward leaving struggles of last year behind.

Team Speed Kills: Jcouncil spoils his otherwise reasonable opinion piece Overreactions from Week 1 of the 2016 SEC football season by calling the USC-Vandy game a "mockery." That's a bit harsh but it's the consensus in the pundit class (a game also called "grotesque" and one that "set back CFB offense 40 years.")

Connor Tapp: Our old pal Connor touches on this disrespect: National reaction overlooks SC's progress in ugly win at Vandy. Here, here. We're in a no-win situation in September.  Lose to State or UK and it proves we suck; beat them both (or split) and it only proves they suck. Not enviable for the only league team to lead off with three SEC road contests.

The Big Spur: John Del Bianco writes that Turner's 'rookie mistake' can be laughed off and John Whittle says Changes on offensive line coming. Looks like Helms will be RG.

ESPN: ESPN projects Carolina to go Liberty bowling. If we could touch down in the Land of the Delta Blues in December, I'd put on my blue suede shoes, even in the middle of a pouring rain, my feet ten feet off of Beale. (Ed - Sorry, he just couldn't resist). Also -  the ESPN staff has us 10th in the SEC Week 1 Power Rankings.

Saturday Down South: Cory Helms talks about how USC is getting ready for Cowbell City. I love the way Cory talks about piped in practice noise: "It's sort of game-like."  It's OK, Cory - we know it isn't either.  Also: South Carolina reveals artwork to replace Steve Spurrier banner in stadium. Guess we may see some black helmets this year - hopefully later in the Fall.

Gamecock Central: Wes Mitchell and Emmerson Phillips do a preview podcast before our trip to Starkville; and Scott Hood thinks Cowbells, noisy Starkville crowd shouldn't affect road vet Orth.

Jackson Clarion-Ledger: If you're thinking that the MSU camp has been on the quiet side, you're not alone - Information hard to come by from Dan Mullen this week.

For Whom the Cowbell Tolls: Man I like State's kicker; but let him redeem himself against Bama or Ole Miss, Lord, not us - Kickers Are People Too: An Interview With Devon Bell. Makes you thankful for our own Fry Elliot, errr, I mean Elliot Fry.

Maroon & White Nation: Mississippi State Football: best and worst case scenarios going forward.

Bonus - Carolina's media packet for the MSU game.

NBC College Football Talk: How 'bout we ask Clemmy if they'd be up for doing this at Darlington? Speaking of Tiger Town, I know we like to bust on Dabo but this move is still praiseworthy. The HBC and Mrs. Spurrier, you may recall, did the same thing over time.

GO COCKS. I'll see y'all next on Saturday.