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OUR DIGITAL SEASON: Week 2 - South Carolina Gamecocks vs Mississippi State Bulldogs

After last week’s win for both our digi-Gamecocks, they must take the flight down to digi-Starkville and take on the fighting Dan Mullens.

Before we begin, and due to some requests I received, let’s go over the parameters of the ODS and the "rules" we play by.

Each quarter is 7 minutes long. This seems to equate to 15 minute quarters in real time, and also doesn’t take more than an hour to complete.

I have not yet figured out how to integrate videos and/or GIFs into ODS, but that is something I am working on.

I will update, from week to week, the digi-South Carolina Gamecock depth chart to the best of my ability. I will also continue to start Perry Orth at QB until I am given reason to believe Brandon McIlwain or Jake Bentley will start in the real game.

I will also use the Duke playbook during ODS. Kurt Roper was the Duke OC for the NCAA 14 video game.

Also, a couple other things before start, let’s take a look at what was similar between ODS and the actual game:

The ODS and real Gamecock defenses’ held the Commodores to under 250 total yards.

South Carolina converted 6 third downs in both ODS and real life.

And, most importantly, the Gamecocks won!

What was different?

Not much, except maybe the ODS run defense held up a little better over the course of the game and the offense was much better from the start.

But I’m tired of talking about last week. So let’s get started!

The First Quarter, or: "Slow Start for the Offense"

AJ Turner will catch the opening kickoff and return it to the South Carolina 23 yard line, and he’s immediately injured so David Williams will have to sub in for him. On 3rd and 1, David will take the option pitch for a 3 yard gain and a first down. Perry Orth, who apparently is rattled by #CLANGA, then proceeds to throw the ball to no one and fumbles the ball for a 9 yard loss on the very next play. After a botched screen play, the Dogs will get the ball just outside Gamecock territory.

The Fighting Dan Mullens are moving quickly now with a good mix of zone read and bubble screens. On 3rd and 6, from the Gamecock 46, Nick Fitzgerald will complete a 28 yard pass to his wide open tight end. Three plays later, the Bulldogs will punch it in from 7 yards out on a triple option, MSU leads 7-0.

A 15 yard catch and run by Bryan Edwards will begin the second South Carolina drive, which he immediately follows up with a 8 yard catch. Perry Orth seems to be shaken up after a vicious open field hit, but he will stay in the game. On 3rd and 6 Perry Orth drops back and throws it to, well, nobody. So South Carolina will punt from inside their own 50 yard line and Mississippi State will take over on their own 20 yard line.

Even though the defense will come up with a stop, the announcers can’t stop with their #bias as they are gushing over how well State’s defense is playing. DON’T Y’ALL KNOW THEY LOST TO SOUTH ALABAMA LAST WEEK.

Anyway, the Gamecock offense must have heard them, because as the first quarter ends the Gamecocks are inside the redzone.

The Second Quarter, or: "Offense!"

Jump to to 3rd and 10 from the Bulldogs’ 11 yard line and Perry Orth finds Bryan Edwards across the middle for a touchdown! The game is now tied, 7-7.


The Gamecocks will get the ball on their own 31. Perry Orth, after the announcers started gushing about the Dogs’ defense, has been slicing up their secondary like a Thanksgiving Turkey. There’s still no sign of digi-AJ Turner after the opening kickoff, but David Williams barges ahead into Bulldogs territory. Jump to 3rd and 5 from the Bulldog 31 and, after receiving a couple of big licks, Perry Orth short arms an incompletion. #FREISMAN will come on and knock through a field goal to make it 10-7 USC.

Jump to 1st and 10 from the Gamecock 39 and the Bulldogs are on the move. After a long pass play to the Gamecock 1 yard line, the Bulldogs will punch it in on yet another option play, 14-10 Bulldogs.

Perry Orth and company will take over at their own 25 yard line with 1:42 left in the 2nd quarter. After gaining a first down the Gamecocks will punt and pin the Bulldogs inside their own 20 yard line. After running one play for 7 yards, it seems that the Bulldogs are content to go to halftime up 14-10.

Halftime Analysis:

Perry Orth has been very accurate as he is 19/25, 138 yards and a touchdown after one half. But the Gamecock offense will need to get their running game moving as they have run for a grand total of 31 yards on 13 carries. Meanwhile, the defense needs to find a way to slow down the MSU passing attack as Nick Fitzgerald is 12/15 for 147 yards through the air.

The Third Quarter, or: "PERRY TIME"

The Bulldogs will get the ball to start the half and will set up shop on their own 24 yard line. Dan Mullen, calling a masterful drive, is killing the Gamecock defense with a series of bubble screens, zone reads, and screens to the halfback. The Bulldogs are quickly inside the Gamecock 10 yard line. After forcing a 3rd and goal, the Gamecock secondary gets lost and Fitzgerald fires a strike to the corner of the endzone, 21-10 MSU.

The Gamecocks are moving down the field. After a couple of good catches by Deebo Samuel, the Gamecocks are inside Bulldog territory. However, after a good catch by Randrecous Davis, he immediately fumbles the ball and gives it back to the Bulldogs.

Luckily for Mr. Davis, the digi-Gamecock defense actually gets a stop. Perry Orth, channeling his inner Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow, quickly has the Gamecocks inside the redzone. However, the drive will stall and Elliott Fry will knock through yet another field goal, 21-13 MSU.

The Gamecock defense, who apparently has figured out how to defend halfback screens, force a Bulldog three and out. Perry Orth, after a quick screen and a 20 yard scramble, has the Gamecocks moving...and that’s how the 3rd quarter will end.

The 4th Quarter, or: "RALLY CHICKENS"

On third and long, Perry Orth fires a 24 yard strike to Jamari Smith that will put the ball on the Bulldog 3 yard line. On 1st and goal Perry Orth will take the snap, five wide set, and power his way into the endzone! Now down 21-19, the Gamecocks will go for two. The Gamecocks will spread the field with 4 wide receivers and AJ Turner beside Perry Orth in the backfield. Perry Orth will hold onto the ball way too long and will get sacked. 21-19, MSU.

The Bulldogs will set up, leading 21-19, with 6:04 remaining. The Gamecock defense, who can’t get off the field on third down, are quickly backed up, but they will force a Bulldog field goal, 24-19 MSU

With 3:29 left in the game, this is likely the Gamecocks’ last chance to take the lead. On 3rd and 9 from their 42 yard line, Perry Orth drops back and has all day. He eventually finds Randrecous Davis for a 46 yard gain! With under two minutes to play, the Gamecocks are now deep in Mississippi State territory. On 2nd and 10, Perry Orth will take the snap, and execute the read option to perfection as he runs to the Mississippi State 1 yard line. After a Zack Bailey false start, the Gamecocks are pushed back to the 6 yard line. AJ Turner will take a draw for 3 yards on first and goal. And on the very next play AJ Turner will punch it in as the Gamecocks take their first lead with 58 seconds left in the ball game! Now up 25-24, the Gamecocks will go for two. Perry Orth will take yet another sack on a two point conversion and it’s now, 25-24 USC.

Mississippi State will start on their own 18 yard line, with 54 seconds left and all three timeouts. Mississippi State takes a sack on the first snap of the drive and, with all three timeouts, MSU will run the clock down to 11 seconds before they snap the ball. Now, on 3rd and 6 fro their own 22 yard line digi-Mullen finally uses a timeout. Fitzgerald will drop back to pass and fires an incomplete pass down the Bulldog sideline. And the Gamecocks start digi-celebrating, BUT WAIT, there’s still 1 second left on the clock! The Bulldogs will line up in a 4 wide set, fire a quick 8 yard out to the sideline and that will be the ballgame.

The Gamecocks win a thriller, 25-24

SC Stat Mississippi State
416 Total Yards 358
307 Pass Yards 252
109 Rush Yards 106
1 Turnovers 0
9/14 3DC 7/13
Perry Orth: 34/43, 307 yards, 1 TD, 11 rushes for 58 yards, 1 rushing TD OPOTG Nick Fitzgerald: 24/33, 252 yards, 1 TD, 19 yards rushing, 1 rushing TD
Chaz Elder: 8 Total Tackles DPOTG Maurice Smitherman: 9 tackles, 1 TFL

I can't complain about this result. I could definitely see our defense struggling, especially early on, with Mississippi State's quick passing game. digi-Perry Orth is going to return home a hero as he had a career game and led a game winning TD drive in the 4th quarter. Your digi-Gamecocks are 2-0!