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Afternoon Pail: September 8, 2016

A short pail for your lunchtime consumption.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Spurs & Feathers: 'Our University has great fans': Exclusive with Frank Martin.  If you remember eagerly waiting for the tabloid print edition of S&F and Kornblut''s recruiting blurbs at the back, then you probably are old enough to get your prostrate checked. A great website; check it out.

Josh Kendall: Jeffery Simmons expected to make college debut against Gamecocks.

The Daily Gamecock: Assistant sports editor Abe Orfinger previews the MSU game Gamecocks aim for 2-0 against Mississippi State. The other Abe ... Abe Danaher ... has a good column up too - SEC down, not out, after Week One.

GamecocksOnline: Our Savannah McCaskill is the NCAA Women's Soccer Player of the Week. Big congratulations. The men's futbol team heads to Conway to face the Coastal Chanticleers and the volleyballers are heading down to Georgia Southern for a weekend tourney.

The Rubber Chickens: TRC Unleashed 88 - Nashville is up. Check it out but only after you've listened to our 'cast first!

SEC Country: Steve Spurrier speaks on Florida, regrets at South Carolina and SEC QBs. "He’s wishes he had taken on a larger role in the Gamecocks’ offense last year. He misses calling plays and working with young people." Same old song, Coach.  Every year you said you'd be taking a bigger part in playcalling, and every year you let it be done by committee of Junior, Shawn Elliot and G.A. Mangus, with you as ex officio.