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South Carolina vs. Arkansas: Week 6 Injury Report

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The Gamecocks return to Columbia with a bit of a situation along the offensive line.

Cory Helms is still rehabbing an ankle injury along with fellow offensive linemen Zack Bailey and Malik Young.
Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The South Carolina Gamecocks are back home at Williams-Brice against Arkansas, and are unfortunately still banged up. Former and oft-injured cornerback Akeem Auguste will guide you through who’s in and who’s out for the Gamecocks on Saturday.

Zero Augustes - Full go!

One Augustes - Should play, but won't start

Two Augustes - Game-time decision

Three Augustes - Questionable

Four Augustes - Unlikely

Five Augustes - Out

Zack Bailey, Cory Helms, and Malik Young — Five Augustes

All three offensive linemen are each dealing with ankle injuries. Coach Will Muschamp sounded hopeful about Bailey’s return earlier in the week, but his status is now doubtful. It’s going to be another interesting game for the offensive line until the Gamecocks can start getting some of these players back.

Terry Googer — Five Augustes

The wide receiver is being held out mostly as a precaution after his scary moment against Texas A&M last week. Muschamp said he went down “the wrong way” and banged his head, but is otherwise fine. There’s certainly no need to rush Googer back after that, and it’s a relief he wasn’t more seriously injured.