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Gamecock Basketball/Weekend Open Thread

Join us as we try to keep up with two different basketball games at the same time, and other stuff.

Photo by Mary Ann Chastain/Getty Images

Roundball is upon us! South Carolina fans were spoiled last year with two incredibly exciting basketball seasons between the men and women. It should be fun to see how this season plays out, starting with tonight’s openers.

Football’s not over, though, and there are some huge games this weekend. Notre Dame at Miami tops the list for me, as it’s a top-10, semi-ACC showdown that could prove to be a playoff elimination game. There’s also Auburn at Georgia, another top-10 battle and a contentious rivalry that carries playoff implications of its own. TCU at Oklahoma is yet another top-10 matchup, and should the Sooners win, it could restore the credibility they need to impress the selection committee. The Big Ten is serving up a couple good ones as well between Michigan State at Ohio State and Iowa at Wisconsin.

It’s gonna be a fun weekend, so feel free to hang out here in the comment section.