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Javon Kinlaw says he picked South Carolina over Southern Cal because California’s “too quiet”

At least the kid’s honest!


Javon Kinlaw was facing a decision between heading to college at South Carolina and going out west to play for Southern Cal. In the end, the former Gamecocks commitment ended up recommitting to South Carolina and signing his NLI today.

So why exactly did Kinlaw choose the Gamecocks again, anyway? Let the man himself tell you.

Clearly, he means that he’s more used to the style of living South Carolina provides as opposed to California, but the wording of it is the best part. I think that “it’s too quiet” is a first for me when it comes to a reason to why a recruit picked a school over another...

There are obviously other factors behind his decision, but props to the kid for being honest and not throwing out some pre-packaged answer. Hopefully the university sets Javon up with a dorm room next to a window where he can hear all the crickets he wants.