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Selection Sunday preview: Final Bracketology Outlook

So where do the experts have South Carolina landing?

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NCAA Basketball: SEC Tournament-South Carolina vs Alabama Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The internet populous are a slow-rising group on a Sunday morning, so if you’re reading this — congratulations!

You weren’t totally irresponsible last night and had the comprehensible abilities to be up at eight o’clock in the morning! And this isn’t any ordinary Sunday — this is selection Sunday.

Normally this day has been merely background noise for Gamecock basketball fans, but the past two years Selection Sunday has actually meant something. Last year brought disappointment, but today looks to bring more spoils than sadness.

Even after the last month and change have been relatively disappointing, by every expert and metric is looks like South Carolina is going dancing for the first time since 2004.

As to what seed they’ll be, what region they’ll play in and who they’ll play: Let’s go to the experts to see what they think about South Carolina’s chances.

Joe Lunardi, ESPN: No. 8 Seed West vs. No. 9 Oklahoma State Cowboys

The foremost authority on bracketology, in Lunardi’s latest update he moved the Gamecocks to the No. 8 seed in the West region to be matched up with Oklahoma State. The Cowboys have a very similar resume to South Carolina and have a top-ten win over West Virginia this season.

Jerry Palm, CBS: No. 9 Midwest vs. No. 8 Miami Hurricanes

Palm has South Carolina a nine seed originally playing Northwestern, but in the waning moments of Saturday night/Sunday morning the Wildcats were bumped by a downgraded Miami. The Canes have wins over Duke, Virginia and UNC — and will not be an easy matchup.

Chris Dobbertean, SB Nation: No. 10 West vs. No. 7 Northwestern Wildcats

On and off with the numerous bracketologists, Northwestern seems to be a popular match up for South Carolina in the eight/nine game. This would be a compelling match up because of the history — or lack there of — with these schools. South Carolina hasn’t been to the big dance since 2004, and Northwestern’s never been — ever.

Shelby Mast, USA Today: No. 9 West vs. No. 8 Marquette Golden Eagles

Marquette might not be the best match up for South Carolina, considering they’re 2-0 against the SEC with wins over Vanderbilt and Georgia this season. The Golden Eagles are a pace-pushing, high scoring team that would be an intriguing challenge for South Carolina’s staunch defense.

Dave Ommen, NBC Sports: No. 8 West vs. No. 9 Seton Hall Pirates

This would be a rematch from an earlier game this season when South was ranked No. 16 (those were the days, right?). This was the first game South Carolina lost in the infamous Sindarious Thornwell suspension, though it came by a mere three points at Madison Square Garden in December.

Kerry Miller, Bleacher Report: No. 9 South vs. No. 8 VCU Rams

Even without Shaka Smart at the helm, VCU continues to be a regular in the NCAA tournament. If they beat Rhode Island in the A-10 championship game today I doubt VCU will be a No. 8 seed, but even in a loss there’s no doubt VCU can give the Gamecocks a run for their money.