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The GABA Cast, Episode 75 1⁄2 : SO LONELY

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DC3 talks to himself because technology is stupid and you shouldn’t trust it. Or him.

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This IS my happy face.

Greetings, loyal listeners. You're in for a treat!

Not really...

Due to some scheduling conflicts and technical issues, this week's impromptu GABA Cast is more of a GABA monologue, as DC3 returns to the show after a hiatus to answer your questions and talk baseball.

Among other things, we (the royal we) discuss the season thus far, potential coaching changes and their implications, bad walk-up songs, and the NFL draft.

It's a different type of show for us, but we really hope you enjoy.

As always, there are many ways to listen:

Click here to go to iTunes (where you should subscribe, rate, and review!) Click here to go to the episode page on BlogTalk Radio, or just click play below.

Drive safe, Go Cocks, Tip your waitress.