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Gamecock MLB Draft Profile: LHP Josh Reagan

Reagan’s had an up and down career, but now he’ll get to live out his baseball career just a little longer

Josh Reagan

MLB Draft Result: 15th Round, Pick 441 Oakland A’s

In 2014 South Carolina looked like they were in for an ace reliever or even starter in Lexington product Josh Reagan. In 25 and a third innings his freshman year Reagan allowed only one earned run while striking out 21 batters and walking just four. 2015 was supposed to be the year he would take his place as a mainstay in the starting rotation, but that was easier said than done for Reagan.

His ERA would plummit from 0.36 to 4.72 as Reagan was relegated from the rotation to the bullpen halfway through the 2015 season. However Reagan would find a nice home coming out of the pen, as the last two years of his career his ERA would settle out at a solid 2.40 as a middle reliever.

At six-foot-one and 175 pounds Reagan has a very slight frame and pitches to contact — meaning he better have a solid defense behind him less the hits start racking up for the opposing team.

Josh Reagan by the numbers

Name Games (Starts) Innings FIP WHIP K% BB% Opp. OBP
Name Games (Starts) Innings FIP WHIP K% BB% Opp. OBP
2017 (SR) 27 (0) 56.1 3.69 1.21 21.62% 8.05% 0.312
2014-17 (Career) 85 (5) 185.2 3.68 1.16 20.37% 6.92% 0.305