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Can DJ Park finally become a full time starter, or will he remain a backup?

The RS senior provides depth to Carolina’s O-Line

Welcome to offensive line week! The Final Cockdown is going take the next two weeks to appreciate the under-appreciated big guys who make room for big runs and clean pockets. Here’s a list of who we’ll go through the next 13 days:

DJ Park | Zack Bailey | Christian Pellage | Alan Knott | Cory Helms | Donell Stanley | Malik Young | Blake Camper | Dennis Daley | Jordon Carty | Eric Douglas | Chandler Farrell | Summie Carlay | Jordan Rhodes

#69 DJ Park

RS Senior / 6’5” / 332 / Dillon, S.C. / Dillon

A recruit of the Spurrier era, Park had his chances here and there to become a full time starter for the Cocks. However, he could never really insert himself all the way in to the starting five on the line. The Dillon native had his chance this spring to earn a starting job at left guard, but he lost out to Donell Stanley.

DJ has appeared in 31 games over his career so far, with 3 starts. Most of his playing time has come on special teams, and this trend will probably continue this year. One of the ways he could touch the field would be through injury, but Park is a good backup to have. Hopefully the RS senior will get some starts for sentimental reasons, and that’s probably the only way except for if a starter gets hurt.

2016 Stats: Appeared in all 13 games, with 3 starts.

Recruitment: Four start recruit: had offers from big name schools such as Alabama, Clemson, Auburn, Florida and Tennessee. Park early enrolled at USC on 1/14/2013.

Next Up: The jack of all trades, Zack Bailey.