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South Carolina #SECNTakeover schedule: What you missed and what you should still watch

You can catch up on some Gamecock nostalgia on the SEC Network, even if some of it has already passed.

NCAA Womens Basketball: Women's Final Four-Mississippi State vs South Carolina Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Every year to fill the dead summer airwaves, the SEC Network dedicates a full two weeks in July to the “Takeover”. It gives every school in the conference a full 24 hours of nostalgic content to gear them up for the upcoming NCAA sports season.

As you can imagine, every school’s schedule looks a little different. Kentucky’s day will be more basketball heavy, Vanderbilt will display some more baseball than usual and even some Olympic sports show up on the schedule. South Carolina’s schedule will be diverse this year too, check it out:

A couple of notes we had on this year’s edition of the Gamecock #SECNTakeover:

2:00 AM: Congrats to Beach Volleyball on making the list this year! Their 4-1 win over No. 11 Grand Canyon comes on for us night owls.

5:00 AM: Why on earth is the Georgia-SC game on at this ungodly hour? This was a classic game at the height of the Spurrier era and featured a defensive tackle scoring a touchdown on a fake punt. If you want to get up early enough to watch this, be my guest. But shame on you SEC Network! Put this classic on later.

2:30 PM: For those curious, “The Hit” is just 30 minutes dedicated to Clowney’s hit on Vincent Smith in the 2013 Outback Bowl. You know, this one.

6:00 PM: I’ll give the SEC Network credit here, they did nail the evening slots for the past year of Gamecocks athletics. South Carolina vs. Duke comes in this slot, on a magical night where the Gamecocks became the darlings of the college basketball universe. Bring your tissues folks.

8:00 PM: If the six o’clock hour didn’t get you hyped enough, coming in primetime is the replay of the Women’s Basketball National Championship between the Gamecocks and Mississippi State. South Carolina’s status as an elite Women’s program was validated in this win.

Have fun watching!