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How does Blake Camper blend in with the rest of the offensive line this year?

Camper adds depth to the Gamecocks o-line.

Offensive line week rolls on here at The Final Cockdown! We’ve been taking time to appreciate the underappreciated big guys who make room for big runs and clean pockets.

DJ Park | Zack Bailey | Christian Pellage | Alan Knott | Cory Helms | Donell Stanley | Malik Young | Blake Camper | Dennis Daley | Jordon Carty | Eric Douglas | Chandler Farrell | Summie Carlay | Jordan Rhodes

#63 Blake Camper

Junior / 6’8” / 306 / Virginia Beach, V.A. / Frank W. Cox

Heading in to the offseason last year, it wasn't really known exactly where Blake would find himself. Whether it was starting or being a backup, the 6’8” junior competed for a spot at left and/or right tackle. He eventually lost out to Zach Bailey for right tackle and Malik Young for left tackle, and Camper will most likely go in to the season as the backup for Zach Bailey. The most likely situation for Blake to get playing time would be for someone to either get hurt or be sucking it up in games.

The true junior has seen 18 games of action since 2015, and he has gotten a pair of starts since he flipped from Rutgers to South Carolina during his recruiting process. It’s going to be hard for Camper to see playing time with a consistent starter with Bailey being in front of him, but he will be able to compete for a spot again next year if Zach decides to enter the draft early.

2016 Stats: 1 Start

Recruitment: 3 Star Recruit from Virginia; Was committed to Rutgers in June of 2014 before flipping to USC two days after visiting them in 2015.

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