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Dreak Davis and Korey Banks competing to see the field more in second seasons

Davis had his first season cut short by injury while Banks was called upon in second half of season.

NCAA Football: East Carolina at South Carolina Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to The Final Cockdown’s Wide Receiver week! We go down the depth chart and take a look at who will be catching touchdowns from Jake Bentley this year. Here’s a list of who you can expect to read about in the coming days, along with any you may have missed:

Bryan Edwards | Deebo Samuel | Terry Googer | Dreak Davis | Korey Banks | Chad Terrell | Chavis Dawkins | Ortre Smith + Shi Smith

#8 Randrecous Davis

RS Freshman / 5’11” / 199 / Atlanta, Ga. / Mays

“Dreak” Davis was a player we saw little of last season. He played played twice, once against Mississippi State and started against East Carolina. He touched the ball three times for 39 yards in the win against the Pirates. In the week after his first start, his season was over after a hamstring injury in practice. He was given a medical red-shirt by the NCAA, keeping his remaining eligibility at four years.

He is player that could be useful. Even though he was only a 3-star recruit, he had offers from powerhouse programs. In his limited time on the field, he was given the ball. Trusted multiple times in what was a tight game against ECU, it’s likely he would have feature heavily the following weeks while Deebo Samuel was out. He is a part of a solid group competing for playing time after Bryan Edwards and Samuel.

2016 Stats: Three catches, 45 yards. One carry, 7 yards.

Recruitment: 3-star. Offers from Miami, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, among others. Visited Miami before choosing the Gamecocks on Feb. 3, 2016.

#7 Korey Banks

Sophomore / 5’ 11” / 185 / Tyrone, Ga. / Sandy Creek

Banks is another receiver competing for playing time. He was on course to be a red-shirt his first year in Columbia, but with injuries to Samuel and Dreak Davis, he got on the field for the first time against Texas A&M. He played in five more games last season, catching his only pass in the Birmingham Bowl.

Banks will be hoping his freshman cameo leads to more time on the field in his sophomore season. Having played in six games last season, he starts out with a little more experience than others.

2016 Stats: One catch, 5 yards.

Recruitment: 3-star. Offers from Alabama, Michigan, North Carolina and Wisconsin, among others. Visited UNC and Alabama before choosing the Gamecocks on Feb. 3, 2016.

Next Up: Another Georgia wideout, freshman Chad Terrell.