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GABACast, Episode 83: Our Favorite games.

Football is almost here; let’s think happy thoughts.

Mississippi State v University of South Carolina
I still can’t believe nobody wanted to talk about ‘The Fade’.

What's your favorite South Carolina Gamecocks football game?

Do you remember where you were?

This week, the guys bide their time until the game that we're totally not nervous about to remember some games that really hit home with us. From the wacky wild comeback that forged a legend in (other) Columbia, to the fifth in a row over our western inbred cousin a really good team, we are here to help you bridge the gap to football season with some happy memories that can help cope with the college football withdrawal symptoms that have probably turned into anger and cold sweats by now.

We do not talk about the greatest Carolina quarterback of all time. DC3 definitely does not incriminate himself for littering in 2006. We do not poke fun at Tommy Suggs celebration voice. We do not say Ryan Brewer was dumb. We definitely don’t talk about Clemson. However, we do discuss fall camp, and, did we mention we're ready for football season to get here?

Thank you so much for listening. We'll see you next week when we make wildly inaccurate predictions about the upcoming season!

Drive safe, Go Cocks, Tip your waitress. Press play below, or click here to find us on iTunes.


1993 vs. UGA “Lay down!”

1992 vs. Tennessee “The stadium is shaking!”

1987 vs Clemson “Brad Edwards will get a convoy!”

2013 Capital One Bowl “The Trifecta”

2013 vs Clemson “Suprise, Suprise!”

2010 vs. Florida “Become a team!”