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Damani Staley looks to make his own name in Gamecock Lore

The son of Former Gamecock Great, Duce Staley, Damani begins his freshman year as a Gamecock

Western Carolina v South Carolina Photo by Todd Bennett/GettyImages

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#30 Damani Staley

Freshman / 6’1” / 205 / Columbia, S.C. / Ridge View

If you’ve kept up with Justin King and what he’s been doing recently for the Gamecocks’ social media, then you would’ve seen the bone chilling speech Duce Staley gave to the team this Summer. If not, here’s the video:

Anyway, I’m not getting paid the big bucks to talk about how great Duce is. I’m here to talk about Damani, a freshman who could easily see reps this year. If he turns out anything like his dad, I’d call it a successful career.

During his senior year he had 29 sacks, breaking his previous school record of 21. He has already imprinted on the best player on our defense in Skai Moore: “Damani and Sherrod Greene are the two guys who stand out to me the most.” When you’re getting praise from South Carolina’s best linebacker, I’d say that’s a good sign.

The Ridge View Alumnus is more of a defensive end and OLB than he is a true MIKE. From most of his film, a lot of his sacks are more effort plays than pure skill of pass rush. Even then, multiple defensive line coaches say that a sack is an effort play. Hopefully he will be able to provide an edge rush for USC in the coming years.

2016 Stats: N/A

Recruitment: To be honest, the kid was probably destined from birth to be a Gamecock. With only 3 other offers from Power 5 schools (ACC), Damani chose Carolina over the likes of Clemson, Georgia Tech, and NC State.

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