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GABA Reviews: NIMA’s Bluetooth Helmet Speaker

Need to swag up the tailgate this fall? We found this nifty piece of tech to help y’all out.

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South Carolina Gamecocks

We’re officially less than two weeks away from the opening tailgate of 2017 and don’t pretend like y’all aren’t hauling up to Charlotte to match whatever North Carolina State brings to Bank of America Stadium.

I’ll be the first to admit, I haven’t been to a South Carolina tailgate since I was a student in 2013. But when me and my friends headed to hit East More T’s, the Fairgrounds or Morrison Memorial there were always essential items we packed to make sure our party was as good as possible.

Those four items were a grill, a cooler, cornhole boards and a speaker. Sure, you can spice up the joint with a TV or a generator but those aforementioned items are the essential ingredients to a successful tailgate party if you’re with the right people. But that speaker is the key component to it all because no one wants to go to a quiet party on game day, am I right?

No one wants to sit around the grill sipping beers to the sound of chatter — you need music to keep the hype rising for game time. Aux cords are overrated, it’s 2017 for goodness sake, which is why you need a strong bluetooth speaker that can break through the surrounding tailgaters noise coupled with a strong battery.

Full disclosure here, as the co-manager of this blog I get approached with merchandise quite often. Normally I turn it away because I don’t want to push crap product on the readers, but this is different. NIMA, a company specializing in high-end portable speakers, now caters to the college football fan with these sweet helmet speakers.

The speakers aren’t limited to college football fans, they make helmets for all 32 NFL speakers too. The South Carolina Gamecocks fall into this category as well and NIMA was kind enough to send me a speaker to tell y’all about.

First and foremost I was surprised at how well put together this thing was. It’s styled like a Riddell REVO helmet with a black visor complete with the helmet sticker decals and garnet stripe down the middle. The bluetooth pairs just like any other device you’d use and it holds a charge for around ten hours. Underneath the helmet is a big sub woofer that pumps a good bass for sound that will echo even over a crowd.

The small one makes a nice gift for someone’s dorm room or office and has a price which competes better than a Bose or Beats speaker of the same size. You can even charge your phone on it, which was a pleasant surprise for someone who’s phone dies at a chronic rate.

“Stream live to the game, listen to Pandora, Spotify or to your favorite tunes. Cook up a storm before the game while drinking your beer and get ready with the LSU fight song,” said Nima Saati, founder and CEO of NIMA. “It would have been impossible to create our helmets for colleges and not include LSU. They have one of the most dedicated fan bases in all of sports, let alone college football, especially when it comes to tailgating.”

Learn more about NIMA’s product here.