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#SpursUP! Atlanta-area edge rusher commits to South Carolina

Rodricus Fitten picks up another player in the 2019 class

South Carolina v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

It’s never too early to get ahead on future recruiting classes and South Carolina picked up their second commit in the class of 2019 in defensive end Rodricus Fitten.

Fitten is rated a 3-star recruit by 247 sports and the 44th ranked player in the state of Georgia. The Atlanta native plays for 2A Washington High School who currently stand 2-1 in their early season.

Fitten chose South Carolina over Iowa State, North Carolina, Louisville and Georgia to join ILB Ahdarrious Gee as the only two commits the Gamecocks have in their next recruiting class. Funny as it is, those two alone give South Carolina the 19th ranked class in 2019. Just goes to show it’s never too early to get started on early recruiting.

For the killjoys who will say “Oh he’s just a three-star, what’s the big deal?” that’s a really dumb way to look at recruiting. Don’t just look at the stars on a kid, watch the tape and judge him for yourself.

Keep in mind Fitten is only a junior this year, so there’s still plenty of time for him to develop and become even better than he is now. At six-foot-three, 220 pounds Fitten is already built well as a defensive end, but maybe he could add on another star by his senior year for those of you still not convinced.

Freshman defensive end Aaron Sterling was a three-star prospect too and he just finished a great showing against Missouri this past week. Let’s just be thankful this coaching staff is still attacking the Atlanta area hard because South Carolina has to competitive in that city in order to continue to grow their talent base.