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The GABACast. Episode 88: Put-up or shut-up.

A loss to Kentucky has left us a little out of sorts; Let’s vent.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at South Carolina
Toot. Toot.
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday night was tough; there is no sugar-coating this. It had nothing to do with the ‘Blackout’. It had everything to do with execution.

The South Carolina Gamecocks Football Team was not victim to poor luck, fluke circumstances, or any other outside factors. The team just didn't come prepared, and they paid the price. Y'all probably want to vent about it. do we.

In this week's episode, we do our best to perform a post-mortem analysis of the Gamecocks' offense (or lack thereof), try to decipher just exactly what led to the hype train jumping the track in week 3, and propose what can be done to stop the bleeding. We also attempt to provide some insight for next week's game against Louisiana Tech. We discuss the sobering reality of losing Deebo Samuel to (another) significant injury and we try to figure out what can be done to restore the mojo in Williams-Brice Stadium (hint: let's get all four of the weird flamethrowers working).

After a tough loss, it's only right that you get some thoughts off of your chest. We hope that y'all find this show as therapeutic as we did.

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As always, thank you so much for giving us a listen.