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The Future of Gamecock Football

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What’s next for Will Muschamp and the South Carolina Gamecocks.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 01 Outback Bowl - Michigan v South Carolina Photo by Mark LoMoglio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

At the beginning of the year, most people would've been okay with 6-7 wins for considering the schedule for South Carolina in football. I predicted 7-8 wins including a bowl game, and I was off by one. If Deebo Samuel doesn't break his leg against Kentucky, Carolina most likely wins another game.

To me, nine wins is something that is absolutely insane considering the talent level that was leftover two years ago when Will Muschamp came on. Offense has obviously been his main problem up until this point; however, Bryan McClendon might just be the answer.

Muschamp tied Steve Spurrier and Joe Morrison for the most wins in their first two seasons. Please go back two years ago and ask any Carolina fan if Will Mushcamp does that, and I promise they will say no. This is an amazing accomplishment to me. Coach Boom has been squeezing blood out of a boulder - especially on defense.

Now, let’s talk about the future.

It seems right now that Travaris Robinson and Bryan McClendon are staying at USC. I think McClendon is going to be the future OC and full-time play caller for the Gamecocks. I just don’t think Muschamp will give up his best recruiter, especially to Tennessee, because fans want an outside hire. The players love B-Mac and he seemed to know what he was doing against Michigan a decent amount of the time.

For the schedule next year, it’s somewhat better than this year’s. The game that’s going to decide the season to me is whether or not we beat Georgia in Week 2. A win at home against Georgia means a pretty good chance at starting out 7-0. If you asked me now, I would say 6-1. Next season is most likely going to be around 10-2, with the losses coming to Georgia and Clemson. It’s just the truth at this point.

Past next season, I honestly don’t know. Kirby Smart seems to be building something extremely great at Georgia, Jeremy Pruitt is probably going to get Tennessee going, and Dan Mullen is most likely getting Florida back to where it was. It’s going to be a great race in the SEC East in the foreseeable future. If Muschamp can constantly win recruiting battles, then I’ll give him a great chance to win a few SEC East titles.

Next year is probably going to be the best shot at it, considering Georgia is losing Nick Chubb, Roquan Smith, and Sony Michel. Oh, and Bryson Allen-Williams and Deebo Samuel will be back net year. If Jake Bentley, TJ Brunson, DJ Wonnum, and Jam Williams can make the next step in their progressions, I’d say we have a really good chance at the East title. The Gamecocks seem set up for it, but whether or not it happens is a different story. Georgia has to play Auburn and at LSU next year which can end up playing in our favor.

I just really think Carolina’s success is going to be riding on the back of Will Muschamp and crew winning their recruiting battles against Clemson, Georgia and Florida and the Gamecock offense being able to score. Less than three touchdowns a game is unacceptable considering the amount of talent there now, and I do think McClendon will be able to get them there. To me, anything less than 9-3 in the regular season will be a big disappointment.

When it comes to my future, I sadly won’t be writing for Garnet and Black Attack anymore. I’ve accepted a position to cover South Carolina recruiting at Armchair All-Americans. I appreciate my time at GABA, and will always remember it. Thank you all for supporting me when I was right and calling me out when I was wrong; criticism is a main key to improving.

From my terrible SEC Power Rankings, to calling out the best and worst QBs to play at the University of South Carolina, and just being a horrible writer in general, I’d like to thank Sydney Hunte and Chris Stanley on taking a chance on a kid with no writing experience whatsoever. You guys gave me a chance to do something I love, which is to write and talk about sports.

To my beloved fans, thank you guys for always sparking conversation and getting angry at my “hot” takes. I seriously doubt any of you were actually fans of my writing and honestly most of you probably hated me, but I’m great and love what I do so I couldn't care less about your opinion.

See you guys on the flippity-flip.

Forever to Thee.